NOOK @ Milan Design Week 2024
Tortona District / Porta Venezia District / Isola District 
Nook is a furniture collection designed with an inclusive approach, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs and activities of autistic children.
The Nook series, inspired by the Montessori methodology and conceived for children's libraries, redefines inclusive spaces, providing children with an environment where they can express themselves freely and interact without encountering limitations, but rather discovering opportunities.
The Nook project is grounded in an innovative perspective, aiming to adapt spaces to the unique needs of individuals, rather than expecting individuals to conform to predefined spaces. The series features a range of multifunctional pieces designed to enhance adaptability based on the individual modalities and preferences of children.
The Nook furniture series includes:
Nook Library: A small bookshelf designed according to Montessori parameters, featuring a cozy nook for secluded reading. A strategically positioned window prevents complete isolation, allowing a connection to the external space while maintaining privacy.
Hug Sofa: Inspired by Temple Grandin's hug machine, this small sofa offers a personal space that, with various cushion configurations, creates a comforting "hug" effect. This simulated pressure helps with calm and introspection.
Rocking Wheel Chair: Drawing inspiration from wheelchair iconography, particularly rocking wheelchairs, this chair is designed to promote equality between wheelchair users and non-users. The rocking feature serves as an effective method for stimulation and enhances concentration during reading through vestibular self-stimulation.
Light Screen: Designed with multiple functions, the Light Screen serves as a shield from direct natural light, with small windows allowing a view outside and maintaining control over the external space while in a private area. It can also be used to divide spaces, creating a transitional area to prepare for entering a new environment.
Everyone Desk: A versatile piece suitable for various functions and ages, serving as a bookshelf, a desk for children (3-6 years old), and a chair and table for infants (0-2). The front divider facilitates focused reading, creating a secure and distraction-free environment.
The Nook series marks a significant leap in creating inclusive environments for children, prioritising their unique needs and promoting a sense of freedom and individuality. Mara Bragagnolo's approach to design results in a collection that goes beyond aesthetics, emphasising accessibility, through affordability. 
The Nook series is a collaborative self-build project with architect and furniture maker Giancarlo Guadagno, as part of his project, Not Design Lab, dedicated to self-build projects with a social impact. The collection is intentionally designed to be constructed with simple and cost-effective materials, easily reproducible, and with straightforward assembly, making it accessible to as many people as possible.
15 - 21 April
Full collection @ FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum / Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 - Milano
Selection in context @ Biblioteca Venezia, Porta Venezia District / Via Paolo Frisi, 2/4 - Milano 
Workshop + Talk @ Fondazione TOG / Isola Design District