Doyenne x NikeSB: Harmony of Opposites
Harmony of Opposites is a film about the concept of duality, which is the running theme of our collaboration with Nike SB. The narrative expresses the interaction between contrasting elements like stillness and chaos, introspection and expansion that coexist within all of us. Shot in Scotland where Doyenne was born & grown, the film follows the skaters while they interact spontaneously with their surroundings, drawing similitudes between natural and urban. The film is ultimately a tribute to the Scottish landscape from the Highlands and Loch Lomond, moving to Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Direction: Debora Maité 
Cinematography: Yentl Touboul
Photography: Felix Adler   Art Direction: Doyenne Studio
Production: Wasted Talent  Editing: Eric J Liddle
Music: Larry Gus
Skaters: Leah, Amy, Min