Doyenne x Nike SB: Behind the Design
Inspired by the style of women artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Louise Bourgeois, and Ray Eames, the collection celebrates traditional workwear pieces with active elements and recycled materials. Carefully designed to adapt to its wearer, the clothes combine comfort and versatility. Reversible silhouettes with bold and neutral palettes embrace the fluidity of being. 
The printed side of the collection is an original artwork created from a painting by Martina Giuseppone, which has been reworked in two diverse colorways. During the design process inclusivity was an important topic we explored. 
Together with the Nike design team, we developed a fit and sizing range that is gender-neutral, but could equally acknowledge the diversity of bodies across genders while having details like an elastic waistband and adjustable wrist buttons for extra adaptability. We have also integrated magnetic buttons that alternate on the jacket so that people with limited mobility can wear the jacket with more ease. 
The Nike SB Blazer Low is redesigned with unique textures, colours, and sustainable materials - undyed pineapple canvas and denim made from pineapple waste. The sole is made of three layers of rubber improving the durability of the shoe, two of which consist of Regrind, a material made from Nike’s rubber waste. With the shoe, we liked to think beyond product aesthetics and go deeper into the interaction and relationship someone can create with the shoe, particularly when it comes to skateboarding. 
For this reason, we added an element of discovery to the process of ruinability of the shoe by adding a coloured rubber layer underneath the ollie patch. This way the more you use the shoes, the more they will reveal the colour - making the aging of the shoe an aesthetic and personal process. Underneath the laces, you can also find an elastic band that we added to make the wearing process more accessible and to allow the shoe to better fit different shapes of feet. The elastic band will hold your foot tight while skating and it will mold around your shape.