ASK, a collaborative project about Consent
The idea for ASK was born between different international initiatives with the same vision for more consentfully-conscious communities to peacefully and comfortably exist in. 
This project was driven by Glasgow-born Doyenne, a women-run skateboarding brand with a focus on inclusivity and the Australian-based Consent is Rad, an international collaborative project focused on education and sharing the message about the importance of consent in the skate scenes. We also asked for support from Consent for Breakfast, an online platform run by UK-based skater and survivor Bella, and Hera Skate, a Berlin-based nonprofit organisation and collective, providing inclusive, diverse and accessible spaces as well as running creative zine workshops. 
We all come from different backgrounds but we are all dedicated to making the international skate scene safer and more welcoming to everyone. Together we wanted to create a collaborative campaign about Consent that would involve the whole skate community. 
Our challenge was to make the topic of consent accessible but also without compromising the seriousness of the consequences that so many victims and survivors have to deal with across their lives. Our collective brought together artists, writers, researchers, social workers, designers, and people from the industry, all within skateboarding, to start defining the root cause of the issue and how we might talk about this topic in a way that is engaging and serious, whilst remaining beautiful and uplifting, allowing breaths of humor and art within it. We believe that combining a series of t-shirts with the educational zine was a refreshing and engaging way to involve more people and let them play an active role long after its launch.
Graphic Design by Giulia Saporito
Photography by Lara Coassin and Giulia Angelucci
Featured on It's Nice That