Clydebuilt Radio: Spatial Design 
Clydebuilt Radio is a new community radio station based in the Glasgow Historical Barras Market. The project is based on the music community in Glasgow and it wants to promote DJs and artists from every background and style.
I've designed the radio station space based on client's needs for equipment, seating + coffee machine area, record display and storage. The site was very small and narrow: 4200 x 1500mm, and completely empty aside from the shutters.
Along side joiner and maker Charlie Myatt, we created a concertina door on the front space with a window. The idea was to have the space closed for winter, but have the option to keep it open for summer and this type of door allowed the space to be used in different ways.
The whole structure is soundproofed with rock-wool and we added four soundproof boxes to the walls to protect the sound coming from the speakers within the space.