Dynamo Kindergarden: A space where disabled and non disabled children to learn and grow together
This kindergarten was designed for our client Dynamo Camp - an association rooted in the principles of fostering creative recreation for both disabled and non-disabled children - centred on the ideals of learning through collective engagement. Our design aimed to create a space that embodies these values, serving as a space that celebrates the diversity of all children.
The design approach for the school prioritised inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that every aspect of the design welcomed and embraced all children, regardless of their abilities, fostering an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. The aim was to create a space that adapts to those who use it, instead of them adapting to it.
The space is designed with the aim to create a calming and soothing atmosphere that invites children to thrive. The natural and locally-sourced materials inspired by the Tuscan style infuse warmth and authenticity into the school. This palette of soft colors and organic textures serves as a calming and neutral backdrop for imagination and creativity to devolop freely.
Embracing biophilic design principles, this space seamlessly integrates with nature. Large windows and open spaces establish a constant connection to the outside world, inviting the natural light and environment indoors.
The sight of greenery and the connection to the outside provides a grounding experience, fostering a sense of harmony and well-being.Every element is designed with sensorial engagement in mind, catering to the senses of touch, sight, sound, and smell. Textures, sounds, and natural elements are thoughtfully incorporated to stimulate exploration and curiosity.
Group project in collaboration with Marilisa Lopomo, Farah Saab and Jasmine Hodgson​​​​​​​
Adaptive Design: Modular Furniture Series
Designed with a commitment to inclusive principles and inspired by the Montessori approach, the modular furniture redefines versatility and functionality.
Each piece is carefully designed to accommodate diverse needs and bodies, taking in account all range of abilities and disabilities, with a focus on multifunctionality and adaptability.